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About OG21

Norway's technology strategy for the petroleum sector (OG21) was established in 2001 to identify technology priorities for efficient and environmentally responsible petroleum activities on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The petroleum industry has over the last 50 years developed to become Norway's most important industry. In 2014 it accounted for over 50 percent of all Norwegian exports, and about 30 percent of government revenues.

Technology has been key to the development of the Norwegian continental shelf and a successful Norwegian supplier industry. So far, the development and application of advanced technology has contributed to the production of about 47 per cent of estimated resources on the Norwegian shelf.

Oil companies, universities, research institutions, suppliers and governments cooperate through OG21 to develop and implement the national technology strategy for Norway.

The OG21 strategy describes a concerted national effort to strengthen research, development, demonstration and commercialization of technologies that can solve challenges for the petroleum industry in Norway.

OG21 works to inspire the development and use of high competence and technology.

Public funding of petroleum research is mainly organized through the research programmes PETROMAKS 2 and DEMO 2000 at the Research Council of Norway. These programmes contribute to achieve the goals set in the OG21 strategy.