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National technology strategy for the petroleum industry

The Norwegian petroleum industry has over the last 40 years evolved to become Norway’s most important industry. In 2010 it contributed to nearly 50 percent of the Norwegian export, and to 26 percent of the Government’s income. 

Technology development has been a key enabler of the development of the Norwegian Continental Shelf and a crucial success factor for Norwegian suppliers. Until now, the application of advanced technologies has contributed to the production of approximately 44 percent of the total expected resources on the NCS.

OG21 brings together oil companies, universities, research institutes, suppliers and Governmental bodies, to develop and implement a national petroleum technology strategy for Norway.


New OG21-strategy: New technology could result in petroleum worth billions and reduce CO2 emissions

Chairman of OG21, Elisabeth Kvalheim, handed over the new technology strategy for Norwegian petroleum industry to the Minister of Petroleum and Energy in Norway, Tord Lien, at the OG21-forum November 30th. It shows ten main priorities in several areas that together will provide better utilization of resources on the Norwegian continental shelf to lower costs and with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Draft of OG21's revised strategy is now available for comments!

OG21's revised strategy has been published for review and comments. OG21 is on track to have the new strategy ready for OG21 forum November 30th.


Technology suppliers need to demonstrate the business value of their solutions from the start

"Technology suppliers need to demonstrate the business value of their solutions from the very start of technology developments", according to a new report from OG21 and the petroleum programme DEMO 2000.




Oil and gas in the 21 century - OG21, is the Norwegian national petroleum technology strategy.